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Say Goodbye To Back Pain in Your Joints & Spine with Affordable Spine Surgery in India


Spine surgery India is an invasive pain management procedure done by a specially trained doctor who uses the instruments to make incisions for repairing the damaged spinal tissues. A spine surgery India whether of back or of neck can be summed up as an advanced treatment option for pain and disability which causes an identifiable lesion in the patient’s anatomy which has not been adequately improved with the non-surgical treatments.

Preparing for Spine Surgery

Preparation for the spine surgery in India involves the surgeon’s medical assistant or nurse providing you with a list of instructions to be followed before the surgery. These instructions include how to arrange you home for the post-operative care, plan for the patient’s transportation needs, special information about taking the current medications, a reminder not to eat or drink anything the evening before surgery, to leave your valuables at home and the time for reporting to the surgical facility.

At the surgical facility, the patient checks in and will be escorted to a pre-surgical area where they will be prepared for the surgery. You will change into a hospital gown. The pre-surgical nurse of the patient will verify the patient’s name, type of surgery to be performed and reviews their medical history including allergies. An IV is started and different types of medications including the light sedating medication will be injected through it into the patient’s bloodstream. Some patients become so relaxed that they don’t remember they are being taken to the operating room.

How is it Done

The spine surgery India can be done via open surgery or MISS and the spine can be accessed from different directions. These are referred as a surgical approach and includes the anterior approach, the posterior approach and the lateral approach. During the anterior approach, the surgeon will access the spine from the front of your body through the abdomen while an incision will be made in your back during the posterior approach. During the lateral approach, the pathway to the spine is made through your side.

Risks and Complications

The potential risks and complications of spine surgery India include the blood clots, anesthesia complications, adverse effects due to undiagnosed medical problems like the silent heart diseases and allergic reactions. The spinal nerves are extremely sensitive . therefore one or more of them can be damaged during any of the spine surgery procedures.


Most patients are able to get out of bed and start walking shortly post surgery usually on the same day or a day after. For the initial six weeks, the activity level is limited to walking and normal daily activities. Most patients are encouraged to avoid frequent bending, heavy lifting, twisting, turning or climbing during the first six weeks period. Post six weeks, the patients can begin with a physical therapy and exercise program to achieve strength and rapid recovery. With three months of gradual increase in the normal activities you can start institution of low impact sporting activities and at six weeks all activities including sports can be started.

Why India is Best Place for Spine Surgery

India has a rich medical infrastructure which is at par with the international benchmarks such as the US and UK. Additionally, the cost for spine surgery India is very affordable compared to what is offered by the developed nations. We have association with the top hospitals offering low cost spine surgery India that are abreast with the state of the art equipments, advanced technologies, highly skilled and well qualified spine surgeons, dedicated and caring team of medical professionals, etc. At Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, we offer assistance with the visa for your spine surgery India.

The spine surgeons in India are the most competent to perform various surgeries as they have ample of experience to handle cases regardless of its complexity. They have a good success rate and are world renowned for their medical services across India and abroad.


Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is a pioneer in the field of medical travel provider offering assistance to patients seeking the affordable spine surgery India. Fill up our enquiry form to get your appointment for the spine surgery in India.

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Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy India: Miracle therapy or just another treatment?

Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy- A Primer

The deep brain stimulation therapy India has been widely used for alleviating the tremor, rigidity dyskiness related to various movement disorders. Majority of operations are done on patients with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders having symptoms of trembling.
The most successful effects with deep brain stimulation therapy India have been achieved with the STN which is a small integral part of the basal ganglia that control the complex movements. The deep brain stimulation therapy India has been extremely effective for the movement disorders which helps them to return to their normal life thereby allowing them playing with their full part in the family and society.

What Conditions Does DBS Therapy Treat?

The DBS therapy is used to treat the following conditions:

  • Dystonia
  • Essential tremor
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Chronic pain

How Effective is Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy in India?

The deep brainstimulation therapy India is very effective to control the extra electrical activity in the brain using the precise frequency of the electrical impulses. It helps me to reduce the severity as well as the frequency of seizures. This surgery helps to significantly reduce the seizure if not treat it outright. Although the effects are not immediately apparent as it takes about a year or two for being successful.

Outcome – Benefits and Complications

Deep Brain Stimulation therapy India Benefits are:

  • Adjustable electrical stimulation without needing to undergoing an operation
  • It related to future treatments as the stimulator can be turned off
  • About 65 to 85 percent of the patients who have got the deep brain stimulation system being fitted into their system has reduced the tremor
  • Most patients reported to be able to resume with activities they couldn't attempt before.
Complications of DBS include infections in three to four percent patients. Although it is not life-threatening, but this may need you to remove the entire system.

Why  we are Best in Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy India

1) World-Class Health care Services at Reasonable Cost

The world class health care services at reasonable cost in India are most preferred by the foreign patients. We have association with the world class health care services across India that are well-equipped, state of the art infrastructures and adhere with the international standards offering highest quality medical treatments and services at reasonable prices.

2) Use of Highly Advanced Technologies

We uses the highly advanced technologies for DBS in India since we understand the disease processes in the movement disorders, the demands of the clinicians and the patients thereby leading to development for DBS technology.

3) Customized Medical Services

The customized medical services focus on the needs of our patients. We provide the highest quality candidates for the needs of our patients. Our medical professionals are the very best in their field and they include the certified nursing assistants, registered nurses, physical therapist, pharma techs, occupational therapists, etc. We ensure to meet the needs of our patients in any medical related facility such as the Assisted Living Facilities, Clinics and Hospitals. We provide a personalized approach to meet the needs of both our candidates and the clients.

4) Highly Qualified Medical Professionals

The department of neurosurgery at the top Indian hospitals located across different Indian cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Noida, etc. have a team of highly qualified medical professionals. They are experienced neurosurgeons and neurologists specializing in all types of neurosurgery for the comprehensive management of the disorders and diseases of the brain, peripheral nerves and the spinal cord. Our team aims to excel in the neurological care through practising the evidence based medicine and treatments adhering to the international protocols.


The deep brain stimulation therapy India has been increasing and being recognized as the best as well as most effective treatments for epilepsy today. The deep brain stimulation therapy India is a miracle therapy using advanced techniques and technologies to reduce the symptoms related to the neurological diseases. Get in touch with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants India to get your deep brain stimulation therapy India at the top hospitals at most affordable costs.

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One Place for all Your Healthcare Solution, Visit us now for Best Medical Treatment in India

Best Hospital India – Features

The best hospital India has a world class infrastructure, state of the art equipments, latest technology and advancements, highly skilled and experienced surgeons and dedicated and caring support staff. We offer the best medical treatments at highly affordable costs compared to that offered in the West. 

The features of best hospital India are:

  • One stop super specialty hospital for complete medical care and services
  • Highly skilled and motivated team of medical professionals with decades of experience
  • World class service systems and trained service personnel
  • Post-op care and facility
  • Separate divisions for each specialty
  • Promoted by internationally renowned surgeons who have been trained from the top hospitals across the globe
  • Highly skilled diagnostic stations
  • Advanced equipments and state of the art operation theatres
  • Exclusive care for the international patients
  • Ambulance services
  • 24/7 pharmacy
Why to choose Health Care Tourism Agency in India? 

Choosing the best healthtourism agencies in India will help you focus more on the surgical procedures at the most affordable costs. India has become a hub for the medical tourists seeking quality health care treatments and surgeries at the most affordable costs. The best hospital India adheres to the international standards while offering the highest quality of medical services and care for the global patients.

The best health tourism agencies in India strive to match the international standards using the latest technology, reduced costs, growing the quality standards and ease of communications which communication which work towards their benefits.

How to Prepare for Your Hospital Stay - Topic Overview

Not all hospital stay will start in the emergency room. Sometimes, you will have the time to prepare for a scheduled hospital stay. But even when you do not have an emergency medical problem, then getting ready to go to the hospital will leave you feeling overwhelmed and even a bit stressed. By taking the steps to prepare your stay ahead of time, you will get control of some of the stress and save the energy to feel better as soon as possible.

You will need to plan ahead for those medical bills, if you have no insurance, make your wishes known to the loved ones such as medical power of attorney, living will, decide about banking blood, take care of the pre-hospital tasks, personal items, make a hospital packing list, relaxation items, comfort items, last minute checklist and health care items.

Does the hospital meet International quality of standards? 
The best hospitals India meet the international quality of standards by providing world class health care services. They have globally trained medical professionals, meet the international standards and treatments for all.

Best Health Tourism Agencies in India - Patients Review

The best health tourism agencies in India facilitate the accommodation, private transportation, flights, etc for the patients. Our support team take care of almost every requirement of our patients and ensure to help them at every step from choosing the best hospital India for their recovery thereby make your stay easy and comfortable. This approach to help the patients on personal levels makes for the best health tourism agencies in India.

Cost Comparisons all over the Globe

The cost comparison all over the globe is highly expensive comparing the low cost medical treatments at the best hospital India. The best health tourism agencies in India have association with the best hospital India with JCI accreditations and therefore the concerns of safety and quality of care are less of an issue for those getting the best medical treatment in India. The combined cost of medical treatments in India at the best health tourism agencies in India are a fraction of the amount which is spent on the medical treatment alone in developed countries.

Bottom line

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is the best health tourism agencies in India having tie ups with the best hospital India for facilitating the international patients. We provide the best possible medical care at the lowest rates without compromising the standard of medical treatments, services and care. Our best hospital India has excellent amenities at the most affordable prices in India.

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Get Highly Effective Spinal Treatments in India for your Lower-Back Pain


Nowadays about 80 percent of people suffer with the back pain or specifically the lower back pain due to lifestyle issues. As per the latest research the lower back problems causes low back pain which do not fully resolve without extensive treatment and proper healing. The doctors in India are well trained in the health care field which is intended to identify and successfully treat and manage the lower back conditions. They are sufficiently trained in this area and have learned adequate skills which are necessary for most effective identification and treatment of the back problems.

Risk Factors

The risk factors for Low back pain can be caused by many tissure injuries. The exact tissues which cause the low back pain cannot be identified in most cases and in those cases the back pains are recognized as the nonspecific lower back pain. As per research, the services provided by the doctors and surgeons in India are of highest quality and cost effective which will potentially save both for the patients and helping them with their low back pain.

Many doctors have found a number of factors which are consistently present in the patients suffering with low back pain such as faulty spinal biomechanics, vertebral subluxations, poor postural habits and techniques, de-conditioned spinal musculature. You can get highly effective treatments in India from the Indian doctors for your lower back pain with extraordinary results by identifying these factors and the actual causes of the tissue injury.

Serious Symptoms

The serious symptoms of lower back pain include various events which contribute to the development of the back pain. If you have had past injuries which are not healed completely, accidents, improper lifting techniques, spinal injuries all these could cause severe back pain. If your daily routine involves poor diet, sitting for a long time, smoking, inactive routine, bad posture, excessive alcohol then all these could cause severe back pain. Prolonged use of none ergonomically designed equipments, severe exposure to the vibratory forces such as jack hammers, truck driving, etc; wrongly designed workstations could also lead to low back pain.

Alternative Treatments for Spinal Fusion Surgery

Thee chiropractic treatment is an alternative for Spinal fusion surgery in India which are done by practitioners but not all people may get relief with it. Therefore the last resort to get relief from the lower back pain is to get spinal fusion surgery in India. The low cost spinal surgery India is done by highly qualified, skilled health care professionals and surgeons. They perform the spinal fusion surgery in India in a safe, gentle and highly effective way.

The low cost spinal fusion surgery India is designed to work on the root cause of the problem by working to reduce the intensity of the low back pain. Most patients who got their low cost spinal fusion surgery India have been satisfied with the safe and excellent medical services and facilities offered by the surgeons in India.

Cost of Spinal Fusion Surgery India – Statistics

The low cost spinal fusion surgery India is considered as a major factor since it is quite low compared to that offered by the developed nations. The low cost spinal fusion surgery India is done by the surgeons without compromising on the quality of output. All these attract many international patients to seek the spinal fusion surgery India.

Recovery from Spinal Fusion Surgery India

A patient will have to spend about three to four days in the hospital post spinal fusion surgery India. In serious cases, the hospitalization will extend to about five to six months. Elderly patients will be recommended to stay in rehabilitation center for week for proper patient care after the spinal fusion surgery India.

During the recovery process, they will be taught simple aerobic and cardiovascular exercises so that any strain on their chest due to this surgery will be effectively controlled. The low cost spinal fusion surgery India is different for each individual since everyone has a different body constitution. The process of healing post surgery is similar to that after a bone fracture. Follow the instructions by your doctor post the spinal fusion surgery India. Get in touch with us to know more about the low cost spinal fusion surgery India. 

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Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in India with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

Autism is a developmental disorder which affects the social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication. It can also lead to a restricted and repetitive behavior. This will affect how the information is processed in the brain. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are commonly used terms for a group of a Neuro Development Disorder which is related to the brain development. These disorders are related to the various characteristics as the social interaction and repetitive behavior.

Globally autism is estimated to affect about 21.7 million people. Normally, this disorder will appear within the first three years of a child. It affects boys three to four times more often than girls. Most parents of autistic children will suspect that something is wrong by the time the child is about 18 months old and will seek the help by the time the child turns two.

Early Symptoms of Autism

  • Intellectual disability
  • Unable to engage in everyday social interactions
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication i.e. do not respond (look or listen) to people in their environment
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Activities and physical issues as gastrointestinal disturbances and sleep
  • Difficulty in motor coordination
  • Little eye contact
  • Fail or be slow to respond to their name or other verbal attempts for gaining their attention
  • Respond unusually when others show anger, distress or affection
  • Development of language at a delayed pace
  • Fail or be slow to develop gestures such as showing things or pointing to others
  • Speak only in single words or repeat certain words or phrases or unable to combine words into meaningful sentences
  • Learn to communicate using pictures or their own sign language
  • Use words that seem out of content for the general person but have a special meaning known only to those familiar with the child’s way of communicating

Causes of Autism

Though the exact causes of Autism are not known, the genetic factors seem to be important. As per research, most cases of autism appear to be caused by a combination of autism risk genes and the environmental factors that influence the early brain development. The environmental factors such as infectious diseases, certain foods, pesticides, smoking, prenatal stress, air pollution especially the heavy metals and particulates and the illicit drugs have been claimed to contribute or worsen the autism condition.

Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

The stem cells are known to have a tangible application in Autism and by property they are postulated to induce the neurogenesis or regeneration of the affected portion of the brain matrix. Consequently, they will bring about a significant reversal of the symptoms. The infusion of these cells will improve the blood and oxygen flow to the brain and replace the damaged neurons thereby stimulate the formation of the new arteries. Improvement will be reached through restoration of the lost or impaired neuron connections and formation of the new neuronal connections. All these will speed up the brain reactions through the improvement of the synaptic transmission and development of the new neuronal connections.

The stem cell treatment is accompanied with other intervention which can help to monitor the condition of the patient with Autism. The stem cell will help to restore the nerve cells function and angiogenesis process which will help to restore the blood vessel. This in turn will help to supply the oxygen to the damaged tissues. Also the paracrine activities or growth factors released from the stem cells will enable the cell differentiation and immune modulation. Due to the neural regeneration and better immune responses, the stem cells will enable the cognitive awareness, better language and communication skills, sensory perception and social/behavior skills. The procedure for treating Autism using the stem cells includes Lumber puncture and intravenous injections and other intervention will depend on the patient’s condition.

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment for Autism in India

The stem cells can bring in better coordination and social behavior in patients undergoing the stem cell treatment in India. All the symptoms of autism such as social interactions, speech, hyperactivity, mannerisms, emotional well being, repetitive behaviors, maintenance of eye contact and overall communication skills shall improve considerably post therapy. The improvements may vary from patient to patient and this cannot be guaranteed. The standard documents are test or the doctor’s summary of a brain MRI or CT and ADOS or ADIR if applicable.

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants provides assistance to patients seeking the stem cell treatment for Autism in India. If you are seeking stem cell treatment in India for autism, send us your detailed medical history, test reports to get your initial consultation with our doctors and ascertain whether you are eligible for a stem cell treatment. Get in touch with us by filling up a free consultation form on our website.

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Artificial Disc Replacement For Degenerative Disc Disease Of The Cervical Spine

An artificial disc replacement is a device which is implanted into the spine to imitate the functions of a normal disc. There are many artificial disc designs and it is classified into two types: total disc replacement and disc nucleus replacement. With a total disc replacement, all or most of the disc tissue is removed and a replacement device is implanted into a space between the vertebrae. With a disc replacement, only the center of the disc is removed and replaced with an implant and the outer part of the disc is not removed.
Usually the artificial discs are made of metal or plastic like materials or a combination of the two. Some devices have a soft, compressible plastic-like piece between these plates and these devices allow the motion by smooth, curved surfaces that slide across each other.

Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease
The cervical disc degeneration is a common cause of neck pain that is most frequently felt as a stiff neck. The cervical degenerative disc disease is less common than the disc degeneration in the lumbar spine since the neck is subjected to far less torque and force. A fall or a twisting injury to the disc space can spur the degeneration and accumulated wear and tear on the disc over time and this can also lead to the neck pain caused by the disc degeneration.

Treatment of Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease
The general treatment for the cervical degenerative disc disease is largely the same for the degenerative disc disease in the lumbar spine. The conservative care is recommended as the primary strategy and the surgery is considered if a concerted effort at a conservative care fails to provide adequate pain relief or a patient’s daily activity has been significantly compromised.

  1. Conservative Care: Patients may get relief from applying ice or heart, exercising the neck and shoulder areas to relieve stiffness and maintain flexibility and using medications to control pain and inflammation. Additionally, neck appliances or traction may be prescribed.
  2. Exercises: Stretching as many dimensions on the neck as possible is essential to maintain the flexibility in the neck and relieve the chronic stiffness. A specific set of exercises developed by a physician or a physical therapist can be done several times a day.
  3. Over the counter and prescription medications: These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) and pain relievers such as muscle relaxants or the narcotic pain medications.
  4. Physical Therapy or chiropractic adjustment: It may provide relief by helping the patients to extend the neck and shoulders to increase the disc space temporarily in the affected vertebral segment.
  5. Using a cervical collar, cervical pillows or neck traction: It will be recommended to stabilize the neck and improve the neck alignment so that the disc compression is not exacerbated as the patient sleeps or relaxes at home.

Cervical Spine Fusion Surgery for Degenerative Disc Disease
If the pain is not relieved adequately within months of conservative care and it is interfering your daily activities then the surgery is considered. Fusion may be recommended to stop the motion of the affected cervical vertebral segment. It entails the removal of the disc, decompression of the nerve root and insertion of a bone graft or a metal cage device to help maintain or reestablish the normal height of the disc space as well the neck stability and alignment. A cervical plate may be used to promote the fusion between the two vertebrae.
Generally, a one-level fusion is done and in very rare circumstances a two-level fusion is considered. The surgery for neck pain is much less reliable than the surgery to relieve the arm pain from the cervical degenerative disc disease. Hence, if the predominant symptom is neck pain, then fusion surgery should be recommended as the last resort.

Artificial Intervertebral Disc Arthroplasty
Artificial intervertabral disc arthroplasty (AIDA) is an alternative for patients with symptomatic cervical DDD. In AIDA, an artificial disc devise is secured in the prepared inter-vertebral space than in the bones. The surgical procedure is similar to the anterior fusion.


Artificial disc replacement for the degenerative disc disease of cervical spine is offered at affordable price at Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India. Book your free consultation for low cost artificial disc replacement with the best surgeons and the top hospitals in India. 

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With the advancements taking place in medical sciences, the advent of minimally invasive procedures like the Minimally Invasive Spine Laminotomy Surgery has given the patients good amount of benefits like faster recovery with lesser incisions. India boasts out as one the best place for spine surgeries and hospitals giving various surgeries at affordable cost. India has one of the best spine hospitals, which are armed with state of art facilities along with the presence of exceptionally skilled and known to carry out the minimally invasive spine surgery procedure with ease and professionalism. India gives enough reasons to the global patients to choose for Minimally Invasive Spine Laminotomy Surgery in India. Let’s check them out as under:

Laminotomy Surgery The Minimally Invasive Spine Laminotomy Surgery is meant to stabilize the vertebrae along with decompressing the pinched nerves in order to ease the pain along with reducing the painful symptoms by simply reducing the pressure over the nerves that are caused due to herniated discs, bone spurs, spinal stenosis or tumors. This Laminotomy surgery with the minimally invasive procedure is much faster and safer option along with having faster recovery time as well. In fact, this procedure promises you minimal amount of scaring and pain along with lesser amount of blood loss and tissue damage giving you quicker relief and less rehabilitation time.

When is Laminectomy recommended?

The back pain patients who also have weakness or numbness over the upper or lower limbs are the ideal candidate for this surgery. In fact, surgery goes as the last resort for people who fail to respond to a number of nonsurgical options like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory options, physiotherapy or pain killers. They are supposed to investigate the pain with the help of X ray, MRI in order to confirm the bulging or protruding disc that can be fixed using the surgery. This surgical procedure dealing with herniated disc has to be counted as an emergency treatment option if you find the symptoms like pressure over to be increasing.

Salient features of these hospitals are:
If you are going for your spine surgery in India, it is important to choose the best hospital for the same. Make sure you choose the one, which promises the following salient features as under:
• Comprehensive Management of spine disorder due to birth ailments to the degeneration of trauma and tumor
• Committed team of globally trained and experienced spine surgeons, top physicians, physiotherapy, neurologists and rheumatologists
• Competitive evaluation of spinal issues seeking the help of competitive and skilled spine surgeons and medical team
• Modern imaging facilities and diagnostic center having MRI, dynamic digital X rays, and other facilities.

Tops orthopedic surgeons of India
There is no deficiency of good orthopedic surgeons in India, let’s check the top medical professionals in this field as under:

Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Top Knee Replacement Surgeon

He needs no introduction when it comes to orthopedic surgeon in India and abroad. In his career sprawling to more than three decades, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal has carried out more than 10,000 arthroscopic procedures and 3200 plus total knee autoplastic procedures. He has been applauded by the Government of India with prestigious award for his contribution in Indian society. Having hordes of degree from prestigious medical schools from India and abroad, he is known to have carried out the highest number of complex and simple orthopedic surgeries in India and abroad.

Dr. Harshavardhan Hegde Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in India

He is a known orthopedic surgeon of India having more than 2.5 decades of experience in this field. He has completed his advance courses from abroad along with having his Masters from India. With expertise in orthopedic surgeries and huge amount of experiences in India and abroad, Dr. Harshavardhan Hegde has come a long way serving the orthopedic patients from India and abroad.

Dr. IPS Oberoi Top Joint Replacement Surgeon in India

He is a known orthopedic surgeon who has secured highest position in this specialization. Having his base in New Delhi, Dr. IPS Oberoi is currently the director of Orthopaedics, Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement Department based at the Gurgaon hospital called Artemis Hospital. He has more than two decades experience in handling these surgeries with greater care and professionalism.