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Say Goodbye To Back Pain in Your Joints & Spine with Affordable Spine Surgery in India


Spine surgery India is an invasive pain management procedure done by a specially trained doctor who uses the instruments to make incisions for repairing the damaged spinal tissues. A spine surgery India whether of back or of neck can be summed up as an advanced treatment option for pain and disability which causes an identifiable lesion in the patient’s anatomy which has not been adequately improved with the non-surgical treatments.

Preparing for Spine Surgery

Preparation for the spine surgery in India involves the surgeon’s medical assistant or nurse providing you with a list of instructions to be followed before the surgery. These instructions include how to arrange you home for the post-operative care, plan for the patient’s transportation needs, special information about taking the current medications, a reminder not to eat or drink anything the evening before surgery, to leave your valuables at home and the time for reporting to the surgical facility.

At the surgical facility, the patient checks in and will be escorted to a pre-surgical area where they will be prepared for the surgery. You will change into a hospital gown. The pre-surgical nurse of the patient will verify the patient’s name, type of surgery to be performed and reviews their medical history including allergies. An IV is started and different types of medications including the light sedating medication will be injected through it into the patient’s bloodstream. Some patients become so relaxed that they don’t remember they are being taken to the operating room.

How is it Done

The spine surgery India can be done via open surgery or MISS and the spine can be accessed from different directions. These are referred as a surgical approach and includes the anterior approach, the posterior approach and the lateral approach. During the anterior approach, the surgeon will access the spine from the front of your body through the abdomen while an incision will be made in your back during the posterior approach. During the lateral approach, the pathway to the spine is made through your side.

Risks and Complications

The potential risks and complications of spine surgery India include the blood clots, anesthesia complications, adverse effects due to undiagnosed medical problems like the silent heart diseases and allergic reactions. The spinal nerves are extremely sensitive . therefore one or more of them can be damaged during any of the spine surgery procedures.


Most patients are able to get out of bed and start walking shortly post surgery usually on the same day or a day after. For the initial six weeks, the activity level is limited to walking and normal daily activities. Most patients are encouraged to avoid frequent bending, heavy lifting, twisting, turning or climbing during the first six weeks period. Post six weeks, the patients can begin with a physical therapy and exercise program to achieve strength and rapid recovery. With three months of gradual increase in the normal activities you can start institution of low impact sporting activities and at six weeks all activities including sports can be started.

Why India is Best Place for Spine Surgery

India has a rich medical infrastructure which is at par with the international benchmarks such as the US and UK. Additionally, the cost for spine surgery India is very affordable compared to what is offered by the developed nations. We have association with the top hospitals offering low cost spine surgery India that are abreast with the state of the art equipments, advanced technologies, highly skilled and well qualified spine surgeons, dedicated and caring team of medical professionals, etc. At Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants, we offer assistance with the visa for your spine surgery India.

The spine surgeons in India are the most competent to perform various surgeries as they have ample of experience to handle cases regardless of its complexity. They have a good success rate and are world renowned for their medical services across India and abroad.


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