Thursday, 28 August 2014

Computer Assisted Surgery India For exact and accurate placement assistance in bone replacements

Computer Assisted surgery

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants having expert team members provides consultancy service for the people who need medical treatment guidance.  It is their profession to help people to get good medical treatment at lowest possible prices.  They provide a comparison chart for the people along with the facilities available in India and cost for the same treatment in their country.  Cost of all medical services is lesser by 70 to 80% in India with an excellent quality and standard par with their countries.  Therefore to get treatment in India is the best option; it saves lot of money for the patients.

India is a country where all the arts and science forms has reached its culmination.  It is a country where medicine originated; first ever known surgery has been done in ancient India.  In an ancient Ayurvedic epic “Charaka Samhita” various types of surgical instruments used in surgery has been mentioned.  Along with surgical instruments, the method of preparation and sanitizing the area where surgery has to be performed is explained elaborately.  No doubt in India people always work hard to excel in their chosen field.  Low Cost Computer Assisted surgery India is performed to place the joints and bones exactly in their places so that patients after recovery should not feel any type of discomfort or pain in the area where bone are fixed by surgeons.  The CAS is done to gain accurate and precise placement of bone fixing.  By performing the computer assisted surgery patients do not feel any types of uneasiness or uncomforting feeling after recovery.  He should feel quite normal and self after recover and should feel as natural he was before accident or before fracture.  

It is quite interesting to note doctors should be extremely expert to perform some surgeries.  Only those doctors who are expert and experienced can perform such surgeries.  It is necessary for them to have entire knowledge over the capacity and functioning of computers so that they can be taken to assist the surgery.  By using special probes attached on the body of the patients, they assist by tracking the correct placement by using a technology of using infrared rays.  It is extremely beneficial in placing the knee or hip bone joint or replacement implants so that exact position can be located.  In other words one can say this as image guided surgery where surgeons get timely assistance through computer in conducting a surgery along with other assistants. 

Usage of modern technology in the field of medicine increasing day by day making surgeon to perform surgeries more precise and accurate yielding very good results and the success rates has been increased enormously.  More than ever patients are getting benefits and they can walk and do things as they were earlier before bones get dislocated or fractured due to injuries.  There are good numbers of hospitals in India almost in every major city.  Important thing is to choose the best hospital India so that one can be rest assured that they are going to get good service and extremely good standard facilities and superior treatment for the patients. 

One can take the help of Dheeraj Bojwani consultancy so that they can get best possible help through medical tourism company so that patients can save money, get excellent treatment and sightseeing bonanza before surgery along with their family. 


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