Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Understand medical tourism corporation India in Better way

Medical tourism in India
 Medical tourism is an ancient practice growing year by year, in order to get quality of treatment in good medical centers, people travel to another country to obtain healthcare services. The terms used for medical tourism are health care visit, medical travel, global healthcare. The growth of medical tourists in India is witness for the class of services available at Indian hospitals for every small to atrocious disorders. Indian medical facilities prove to be best destination allowing to save a substantial amount.

Medical tourism corporation India has many Benefits. They are

·       Waiting lines in western countries are long but In India the consultancy schedules the appointment before the arrival of foreign patient.

·       Cost saving of about half the amount to be spent in home country.

·       Best medical facilities in India at fraction of cost

·       Experienced doctors and surgeons

·       Full fledged hospitals with latest technological instruments.

·       Top class staff, well trained for proper nursing care

·        No language barrier in India as English is well known in India.

·       Exotic vacation visit to incredible India.
The medical tourism corporation India is ensuring the maintenance of standards, by accrediting hospitals for international level. Accreditation is awarded on the basis of services including healthcare, doctors, infrastructure, equipments and staff members. The JCI, an international non-profit body certifies the hospital in foreign countries and to become the member of JCI associated hospitals, the health institutes maintain high quality of facilities matching their services. The protocols for treatment process is followed and norms are equalize to gain the trust and confidence of patients coming to India.
The money spend in India for treatment purpose is mere a fraction of amount one will spend in home town for identical services. For a good state of body one needs to take some struggle resourcing the exemplary facilities in medical fraternity. Dheeraj Bojwani group of Medical Tourism Corporation India will guide in selecting the treatment plans.

Dheeraj Bojwani consultants are working with an experience of over an decade, giving facility of advanced treatment planning, visa invites, hospitalizations, managing other needs of foreign patients. The team offers a safe and secure surgery destination in affordable price. The team supports the patient emotionally as well as mentally to fight the smallest or dreadful disease with ease. The team in India for patient while on treatment become family and reward wonderful experience.

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