Saturday, 21 February 2015

Get simpler disc replacement surgery in India to eliminate pain

Spinal cord provides strength to our body. Low back pain is caused by deformity, trauma and growing age. Artificial disc replacement surgery in India is newer procedure and answer to eliminate pain, similar procedure to knee replacement, hip replacement. A disc is replaced with mechanical device to regain the working of damaged, degenerated or worn disc.

Disc replacement is alternative to operations like lumbar fusion surgery. This procedure is carried out by expert and trained team of orthopedic surgeons.  Some pros and cons are always attached with the surgery, but if proper care and requirement precautions are taken success in not far for the patients. Before performing surgery, surgeon recommends some tests like MRI, CT Scans, etc. to diagnose and study the condition of patient, to find the cause of pain. Patient should fulfill all below requirements and then undergo surgical process.

•    Back pain thought to be caused mostly from one or two intervertebral disks in the lumbar spine

•    No significant facet joint disease or bony compression on nerves

•    Not excessively overweight

•    No prior major surgery in the lumbar spine

•    No deformity (scoliosis)

This advanced procedure in developed nations like USA, UK , EUROPE  etc are charging thrice than the cost in India. Super efficient facilities in Indian hospitals under best and top surgeons with identical procedures are basic point attracting foreign patients.  The cost of disc replacement surgery in India is low with no compromise in facilities and if compared with cost of USA the patient needs to pay 20 – 30 % more than in India. The treatment expenses in developed countries are experiencing hike at the speed of rocket. Cost of disc replacement surgery in India is mere a fraction of the amount to be spent in developed countries. You can minimum of 40 % - maximum of 70% if opting surgical operations in India. The glaring saving in expenses attracts maximum number of medical tourists in India.

The divine Experience of medical tourism company Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants makes a successful venture for international patients according to their need and in budget. Every tiniest need is fulfilled by the team in a very reasonable cost. This is answer to cheaper medical treatment gathering wellness and health in India by availing superlative treatment, making luxurious and comfortable experience.

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