Saturday, 23 May 2015

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement in India at a Very Minimal Cost

Computer assisted knee replacement in India
Computer assisted knee replacement in India has proved to be of great benefit for those people who had pain and problems in their knee and knee joints. The surgery of computer assisted knee replacement is attracting numerous abroad patients to Indian orthopedic surgery hospitals at Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Chennai and Bangalore. This medical procedure has a less invasive nature which has helped to enhance its popularity in India.

In the procedure of computer assisted knee replacement surgery a computer is installed along with medical surgery software and is fixed with a surgical infra red camera and other specialized surgical instruments. This system of computerized knee surgery is used by the surgeon to do replacement of diseased knee joints. This enables more accuracy and precision at the time of the surgery. The surgeon can view the computer generated image of the knee joints at the time of doing operation of the knee.

During computer assisted surgery the alignment of the implant of knee replacement is much more accurate as compared to the surgery done with one’s naked eyes. There are many advantages of computer assisted knee replacement surgery. In this kind of surgery computer monitors, miniature cameras, monitors, surgical instruments and fiber optic lights are used to do the surgery by making a small incision. On the other hand in traditional knee replacement surgery large incisions are created and surgery is performed. Another important benefit of computer assisted knee replacement is that here the risk is less and the success rate is very high, moreover the patient also experiences lesser pain.

Though computerized knee replacement surgery is done with the help of computers but it does not mean that any new or inexperienced surgeon can do this procedure. This surgery needs proper training and years of experience, it is for this reason Indian orthopedic surgeons and knee replacement specialists are taking medical training at medical institutions of the USA and the UK that have proved to be one of the best.

Computer assisted knee replacement surgery in India is being performed at Indian metropolitan cities like Nagpur, Mumbai and Delhi. These cities have the best medical state of art facilities and a well trained and hard working paramedical staff.
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  1. Hi, I am Matthew Conway from Sydney Australia, I has been troubling with knee joints diseased since past two months till I decided to venture to India. I was treated with a Computer assisted knee replacement in India at much affordable cost of treatment. i feel relaxed and my medical visit to India becomes a pleasant. thank you so much!!