Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Spine Surgery in India with the best spine surgeons and hospitals

Back pain is among the most common issues faced by people all across the world. When all the non surgical options fail to fix the back pain, spine surgery comes into picture. The spine surgery (both the back and neck) can be called as advance level treatment option for fixing pain or any other disability caused due to any identifiable lesion over the anatomy of the patients, which fails to get any improvement with the non surgical treatment option. In most of the cases, the patients with back pain can be fixed with a number of non surgical options. India being the emerging destination for high quality healthcare solutions, more and more medical tourists with back pain is coming for spine surgery in India.  Thanks to the top spine surgeons in India and the best hospitals in India which play their part to fix these issues with quality and affordability. 

Spine Surgeons in India
India is fortunate enough to have one of the top spine surgeons and experts. These Best spinesurgeons in India are highly qualified and have ample of experience and exposure to fix any back or neck problem with greater professionalism and care. Most of the top spine surgeons in India have been the alumni of top medical schools and universities of the west, and have been engaged in presenting papers on the spinal issues in global conferences along with publishing their papers in top research spine journals of the world. In nutshell, the spine surgeons in India can be further summed up in the following fashion:

  •          Masters in Orthopaedic or Neurosurgery
  •          Masters in Spine Surgery
  •          FRCS/MRCS from International Medical Colleges and Hospitals
  •          International Fellowships and Training Programs
  •          Publications and Paper Presentations in all the known Scientific and Medical Journals
  •          Wide Range of Clinical Experience

With such highly qualified and top spine surgeons in India, one can expect a high quality services pertaining to all your spine and back ailments. The blend of high end skills and exposure together help in fixing the back and neck pains of the medical tourists with ease and professionalism making their pain go away. 

Best hospitals in India
Choosing the right hospital is really important that has a direct relationship in finding recovery after the spine surgery in India. This is only possible with the availability of top spine surgery hospitals in India, which are governed by state of art facilities and professional care for all the spinal treatments. The best hospitals in India can be found out at all the major cities of the country. Most of these spine hospitals catering high quality spinal solutions are ISO and JCI accredited which talks a lot about maintaining high standards in quality healthcare solutions. These hospitals have negligible or zero waiting period, which means you are simply an inch away from accessing high quality spine surgery in India. Apart from the presence of top spine surgeons in India, the medical staff at these hospitals comprising of trained nurses and other professionals are highly skilled and versatile enough to handle the influx of high global tourist intake. 

Spine Surgery in India
As per the recent figures in global healthcare sector, India is at the top in catering high quality spine care and other health related services. The spine surgery in India is catered putting together the best healthcare solutions one can imagine. Indeed, the state of art technology based hospitals, which make all the difference. Considering the ample amount of healthcare services at affordable cost, even the Indian government has made things simple for the medical tourists coming from different places for spine surgery in India or any other medical ailment treatments. In this way, India gives enough reasons to the global patients to plan their spine surgery in India.


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