Thursday, 18 February 2016

Affordable Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery with Dheerajbojwani consultant

How May Minimally Invasive Surgery Benefit You?

Surgery is often considered to be the last resort when it comes treating several spinal conditions over your back and neck area. But if a number of non operative treatments have been attempted without improving or worsening the 6 months to a year period then surgical treatment seems to be a decent choice particularly for conditions like spinal stenosis, degenerative scoliosis, sciatica or spinal stenosis. The decision for surgery can be made personal for patients and their symptoms along with right function level. The minimally invasive technique are starting up to employed a number of spine procedure and have been employed common procedures including decompression and procedures like spinal fusion since nineties. The procedure of decompression helps in relieving the pressure over the spinal nerves by simply removing certain portions of bone or over a herniated disc. The spinal fusion procedure helps in correcting the issues with small bones over the spine areas.

How Does Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Differ From Open Spine Surgery?

The minimally invasive spine surgery helps in meant to give features like less pain and quicker recovery. However, it is vital in order to keep in mind, which is relatively a new option and new method that are linked with some level of uncertainty. Also, there are certain techniques are highly competent and need good amount of training that helps the surgeon to avoid any kind of complications, which is not the case traditional spine surgery. The open spine surgery is carried out with big size incisions, which need a longer duration to heal and cry a number of other complications. Occasionally, owing to the complication and technical issues of minimally invasive surgical procedures, the surgeries often take a bit longer time to complete.

How Are Minimally Invasive Surgeries Performed?     
The MISS decompression and fusions are carried out with special tools known as tubular retractors. During this procedure, a small size incision is made over the tubular retractor is inserted via the soft tissues and skin over the spinal column. This is simply creates a tunnel over the small area wherein the problems are found over the spine. The tubular retractor simply holds the muscles open and thus kept over the place via the procedure. The surgeon then finds out the spine via a small instrument, which is seen fitting via the center over the tubular retractor. Any disc or bone material, which is removed exists via the retractor ad the devices are required for fusion like rods or screws and some surgeries need more than one retractor. In order to find out where to place the incision and then insert the retractor, the surgeon is seen guided via fluoroscopy. This option showcases the real time x ray images of the spine of the patients over the spine over the screen via the surgery.

What Can Be Expected Following Surgery?        

Since the surgery is minimally invasive, the hospital stay is less and the patients go home for around 2 -3 days. Such procedures do not often hampers tissues and muscles, it is often believed that the post operative pain is seen less painful than the other procedures. You are supposed to recover completely in just few weeks without much pain. Physical therapy after the surgery helps in the process of recovery.

Why Dheeraj Bojwani consultant for this procedure?   

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