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A pituitary tumor is a mass of cells growing in the gland. Majority of pituitary tumors or adenomas do not spread outside the skull (non metastatic). Often it remains confined to the pituitary gland or nearby brain tissues.  Generally, they are benign and slow growing and don’t spread to other parts of the body so there is no chance of secondary tumors developing. While the pituitary cancer are extremely rare. Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is a premier medical tourism service provider in India assisting the international patients seeking affordable pituitary tumor surgery cost in India.

Pituitary Tumor Surgery in India

Pituitary tumor surgery in India involves removing all or most of tumor growing on your pituitary gland. The type of surgery you have depends on the type of pituitary tumor, its size and shape. Typically surgery is needed when the tumor is pressing on your optic nerves that could potentially lead to blindness or when the tumor is producing too much of a certain growth homes that causes an endocrine disorder.

Two main types of pituitary tumor surgery are:

Endoscopic transnasal transsphenoidal approach is the one in which the doctor uses special tools for removing tumor through the nose (transnasal) and sinuses (transsphenoidal). One of the tools your doctor uses is called an endoscopy, a tiny video camera which helps to guide your surgeon during he surgery. Most patients are comfortable choosing this options since there is no visible incision hence, there is no scar. Usually, no other part of the brain is touched. Nevertheless, the extremely large pituitary tumors may be too hard to remove with this types surgery especially in cases where they have spread to healthy tissue.

Transcranial approach is the surgery type of craniotomy or brain surgery in which cranium means the skull. Hence this is a brain surgery in which the tumor in your brain can be reached by creating thorough a incision on the side of cranium or forehead. The surgeon will remove the pituitary tumor through a small incision in the upper part of the skull which is called Transcranial that means through your skull. It is much easier to reach the larger tumors when this approach is used. Typically, surgery will take around three hours and most patients can leave the hospital within a couple of days. 

Pituitary tumor surgery cost in India

The pituitary tumor surgery cost in India is quite 60 to 70% low compared to the medical treatments and surgery offered in the highly developed countries.

Why to Get Assistance from Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants?

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants has been providing exception medical and healthcare services to the global patients. We have tie-ups with the world class hospitals and other medical centers across India where extremely high standard of quality care is maintained. People from abroad search for pituitary tumor surgery in India either due to lack of healthcare infrastructure, facilities or medical professionals at their native place, or due to long waiting lists or unaffordable and highly expensive treatments. It is significant to consider the treatment options for pituitary tumors every carefully. The major Indian hospitals have highly experienced, internationally trained and skilled doctors with expertise in handling major treatment and surgery for pituitary tumors.

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