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How long does it take to remove a meningioma?


It is been observed that meningiomas are benign tumors and they are not fatal. In a very rare care meningiomas become more aggressive and also can become cancerous; but the majority of them are benign and non- cancerous in nature. It is scientifically proved that the meningiomas are not so fast growing benign brain tumor; these tumors grows from the dura; dura is one of the layers in the meninges that covers the entire spinal cord and the brain. There are different types of meningiomas; some are slow growing and some are fast growing. The fast growing meningiomas are likely to grow back after treatment even after completely removing it. Get average cost of brain tumor surgery in India with the help of Dheeraj Bojwani consultants. 

Many of the meningiomas are benign tumors in nature while the others are malignant in nature. Some of the benign tumors can affect the brain and may cause serious medical issues. The surgery that is commonly performed to remove meningiioma is known as craniotomy. This is done by making an incision in the scalp which is the traditional way of performing the surgery; after giving a cut they remove a piece of skull bone in order to reach the targeted area. Then without making a serious damage to the brain they successfully manage to remove the tumor. 

Symptoms and causes

Below are the symptoms and causes for meningiomas:


  • Weakness in your arms or legs.
  • Seizures.
  • Loss of smell.
  • Memory loss.
  • Hearing loss or ringing in the ears.
  • Headaches that worsen with time.
  • Changes in vision, such as seeing double or blurriness.


The causes of meningiomas are not exactly known; according to the study it says that something indicates some of the cells that are in the meninges to multiply without and control which further leads to meningioma tumor. It is not defined that it occurs because of the genes or hormones; rarely it may happen because of the exposure to a radiation. Anything can be the cause of a meningioma the cause is not definite. One can find best meningioma surgery success rate inIndia

Best treatment & care

One can get best treatment and care for their meningiomas in India there are many best hospitals that provides the best neuro care. There are top multispecialty hospitals that have all the best surgeons and doctors available with them; the best medical panel, caring staff and the hospital atmosphere will not let you feel sick. In some of the top hospitals in India you will find the best treatment for your medical problem. Average cost of brain tumor surgery in India has helped many to get better treatment.

Success rate in India

Like every surgery this surgery also has its own negative and positive effects; but with the help of top surgeons in India we deliver 80 percent to 85 percent of successful surgery. Meningioma surgery success rate in India is higher than the other countries because patients all over the globe prefer India for their meningioma treatment because they get the best treatment at affordable cost in India with good quality treatment.  

Cost of Treatment

Get average cost of brain tumor surgery in India with minimally invasive surgical procedures. The affordable cost will not have any effect on the quality of the treatment; there are best surgeons and doctors in India who will take care of your medical issue with utter care. There are different procedures available for you; and according to the condition of the patient the treatment procedure is decided.  

Available services from Consultants

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